Model A Ford Club of America
Sacramento, California Chapter

Wet Weather Style and Comfort

“New Beauty…Smarter Fit” states the advertisement for Ball-Band galoshes and light rubbers in the January 1930 Delineator. Ball-Band, whose trademark motto includes “styled-to-the-shoe.” was a Model A era manufacturer with a thirty year old reputation for wet weather footwear. This season’s latest styles will fit as though molded to the shoe, their ad states, “really enhancing the loveliness of foot and ankle.” In fact, they will harmonize well with the colors of your latest ensemble…browns, soft grays, striking blacks, and even two-tone effects, and are made of high quality wear-resistant rubber.

To find out more about Galoshes in the Model A era, check out the What’s New mini-article on the MAFCA website, for February 1, 2012 written by Lois Przywitowski of the Model A Ford Club of Colorado.

Peggy Gill