Model A Ford Club of America
Sacramento, California Chapter

Seamed Stockings

Whether you are dressing in era image for fun, a club event, or planning on entering a MAFCA sanctioned fashion judging event seamed stockings are a must have for your outfit.

Although seamless stockings were beginning to be available during the model A era, they were most often seen worn during the summer months for the “bare-legged” look. The majority of women still bought and wore those with the seams up the back of the leg.

Hosiery came in a variety of weights and materials, from the sheer chiffon silk used mainly for evening wear to the heavier weight wool, cotton, Rayon, and blends for everyday wear and warmth in the colder months.
For more detailed hosiery information, be sure to check out MAFCA’s 2010 Fashion Guidelines, page 3E-12, 13.

At the last ladies seminar we had on Undergarments, we veered off into a discussion of hosiery. You can still find original seamed stockings from the Model A era, or nylon ones from the 1950’s at antique stores and places such as E-bay and Etsy. If you get them, make sure that the seam is the same tone as the stock-ing. NEW seamed stockings and pantyhose, made by Berkshire, are also available online. I get the panty-hose for club activities, but use stockings for fashion judging.


In the search box, just type in seamed pantyhose. They run $8-$9 a pair. If you order the pantyhose, and are on the “border” of their sizing chart, order the next size up. I found that although I fit the parameters for the size, they were a bit short, and the crotch kept creeping down—not a good thing!

Peggy Gill