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Model A Technical Articles

Read advice about using a head puller to remove a Model A head. Read the article

Source: Fall 2010 Edition of Model A Times

This month’s technical article is from the March/April 2002 Restorer. Written by Frank Rosin from Kirkland Washington, it provides a way to achieve a leakless pan gasket. We have scanned the article (with permission from MAFCA). The 3 page article provides a step by step approach and includes good instruction and photographs. Read The Article.

Source: The Restorer

Read the article titled "Measuring and adjusting main bearing and rod bearing clearances" written by Warren Rugenstein of Kansas City, MO. It was published in “How to Restore your Model A – Volume 6”.

Highlights of the Mitchell Overdrive ("Gear-Splitter") written by Sacramento Capitol A's Tim Jones.

Source: Tim Jones

Grandfather/Grandson adventures in Ben's Garage

Source: March/April 2011 Restorer

Model A timing has been pretty loose regarding the process versus the results. Frequently timing is set by eye, looking into the distributor and taking a stab at moving the cam to the optimum position. Because the Model A has a manual advance, adjustments can be made from the driver’s seat and so this casual way of setting the timing can work. However, allowing for some adjustment, having the correct timing point in the beginning will make the Model A more efficient, run cooler and have more power.

Source: Model A Times

What your Sparks are Telling You. The only real way that you know what’s happening inside your engine is to read your spark plugs. Both the fuel mixture and the ignition timing result in coloring of the spark plugs porcelain and ground strap. The trick is how to get the correct coloring without going into detonation and destroying the engine or by going too rich and raising the ring lands.

Source: Model A Times - Fall 2013