Era Fashions are a fun way to “dress up” your involvement in the Model A hobby.
When we speak of fashions there are two camps of interest: Fun Fashions and Fashion Judging.Man in Suit

Fun Fashions are what we choose to wear as we go out and about in our cars and to events with our club. This is probably how most of us are introduced to the fashions of the Model A era. With Fun Fashions we dress stylistically of the period. We are more concerned with comfort and ease of wear and care of these clothing choices, not whether our outfit is “exactly” correct. You might start with one item as simple as a hat, and eventually add one more item, and then another. Most of our members who enjoy fashions fall into this category.

Fashion Judging, on the other hand, is a bit more involved. If you choose to go through the rigors of judging, you will want to have researched and studied the fine details of the era, from the top of your head down to the bottom of your shoes. Words often associated with the experience in the judging room are strict, knit-picky, and exact. But what many folks don’t realize, is that as an entrant you are in competition with yourself and how well you have researched the era to put an outfit together. The goal in the judging room is to look exactly as though you have traveled through time from the Model A era.

   Outside the Judging Room, It’s All About Fun!

Are You Interested in Era Fashions?

Just Where Do You Start?  If you are new to the hobby, and don’t really know where to start,  your first stop should be to read this article written by Capitol A member Peggy Gill.  Click here to read this article.

Quick Reference Guide for Daytime Wear 1928-1931TwoWomen

MAFCA’s Era Fashion Committee has received many individual requests for a “portable” guide for shopping expeditions so that members have general information handy on what to look for in putting together an era-image outfit.

This new tri-fold brochure focuses on daytime styles and general hat information for both men and women and can be printed out and slipped into a purse or pocket. Make sure your printer is set for double sided printing!

Era Fashion Articles:
Every two months, the Era Fashions Committee members write a new article for the web site. The current and past articles are listed for your education and enjoyment of Era Fashions.  Topics include general information on styles to an in-depth exploration of specific topics.  If you don’t see something you are looking for, click on the link for the older Archived articles!

Archived Era Fashion Articles:
Sorted alphabetically, there is a lot of fabulous fashion information at your fingertips!

MAFCA’s Pattern Project:

Model A Era fashion patterns (1928-1931) are shown on this link. Patterns that have the “look” of the era but have no documented dates are also included.  You can view the full color pattern envelopes for style details online but there is also a hard copy catalog of these patterns available through the MAFCA Store.

Copies of these patterns may be ordered from MAFCA. You will receive a full size, ready-to-use pattern printed on modern paper, which is more durable than the original. Most patterns only come in one size, as indicated. The sizes used in the Model A era are not consistent with modern sizing; the size listed on the pattern may refer to the bust size or may indicate the age of the wearer. You will need to fit the pattern to the wearer prior to cutting out your fashion material (you may want to use muslin the first time).  Be sure to read the article written by Capitol A member Peggy Gill entitled, The Sizing of Model A Era Patterns.  Some of the patterns have printed instructions while others have minimal instructions, or in some cases, none.

Fashion Publications are available in MAFCA’s Store:
MAFCA has six publications available for purchase at the MAFCA Store on the MAFCA website at  Please check the website for current pricing.

BookA Book of Fashion Facts
Released in July 2006, this book contains reprinted articles from The Restorer and other fashion facts of the era.  More than 400 pages, this book has over 1,200 illustrations, covering EVERY facet of Model A era fashion.

PatternCatalogModel A Era Fashion Pattern Catalog
This illustrated catalog details 320 era patterns that are available to purchase for you to make clothes for ladies, men and children.  The patterns have been reviewed by MAFCA’s Era Fashion Committee for authenticity and period correctness and where possible have dated the patterns.  Even if you are not a seamstress, this catalog is a great resource for style information.

Fashion filesThe Fashion Files 1928-1931
A full color book is a thoughtful collection of 118 articles on men’s, women’s and children’s fashions from the Model A era.  Originally written by MAFCA members and published in The Restorer magazine between 2000 and 2015, these articles cover a variety of topics in over 200 pages.

JewelryJewelry CD
Jewelry of the Model A Era 1928-1931.  Slides of men’s, women’s and children’s jewelry.

SteppingOutStepping Out in Style
Two hard-to-find Menswear Fashion Catalogs have been scanned as high resolution full color pages.  58-pages, each page is a separate image.  This is an amazing collection of Model A era menswear images.  Available as a CD or as a direct download.

MAFCA Fashion GuidelinesMAFCA Fashion Guidelines
Many people find that dressing in clothes that are fashioned after those worn in the year their Model A was built adds to the overall experience.  Revised and expanded in 2015, this resource contains extensive illustrations and newly discovered material for men, women and children to help you put together authentic outfits.  It also includes information on reproductions and a glossary of fashion terms used in the 20’s and 30’s.  This is a must have resource if you are interested in entering fashion judging at any MAFCA event.