Model A Videos

Special Tool Videos

Videos by Paul Shinn, Bob Guimarin, and Model T(Tina)

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Adjusting Mechanical Brakes
Brakes – Part 1 by Bob Guimarin
How to Clean a Model A
Wiring Harness Removal
Wiring Harness Installation
Distributor Rebuild
Headlight Focus and LED Headlights
How to Charge a Cellphone with a 6 Volt System
How to Assemble a Distributor and Adjust the Points
LED vs Incandescent Headlights
Motor Bottom End Inspection
How to Fix Exhaust or Intake Manifold Vacuum Leak
Zenith Carburetors – Master  Mechanic Bob Guimarin
Timing – Nu-Rex Wrench
Keep Points From Wearing Out/How to Fix Body Lean
What Motor Oil to Use in a Model A
Pistons and Rods:  Assemble and Install
Check and Change Fluids – Part 1
Check and Change Fluids – Part 2
Fuel System
How to Drain Fuel Tank and Clear Fuel Line
How to Unclog a Fuel Line
How to Clean a Fuel Tank
Fuel Gauge Repair
Starting a Model A
How to Shift Gears
Q and A with Bob Guimarin/Paul Shinn
Q & A #1      Q & A #2      Q & A #3     Q & A #4
Q & A #5      Q & A #6      Q & A #7
Front End Alignment – How to Use a Toe-In Gauge
Transmission/Drive Shaft/Rear Axle
Ford Model A Mitchell Overdrive Installation
Mitchell Overdrive Overview
How to Service a Speedometer
Wheel Bearing Packing
Starting a Model A
How to Buy a 1928-1931 Ford Model A
What Your Ford Model A is Telling You
10,000 Mile Service
Troubleshoot Model A that Won’t Start
License Plate Mount on Front Bumper
Winterize Your Model A
Saving a 1930 Model A Coupe
Unbelievable Doug Clayton’s Model A Collection
VIN Verification
Manifold Cooking
Turlock Swap Meet 2022 Part 1
1929 Model A Ford Rescue